Barbara Ann Rogers 

Hello, I’m Barbara Ann Rogers, a Complementary Therapist with a special interest in women’s wellbeing in midlife. 
My services include: 
Energy Psychology [Emotional Freedom Technique] 
You can find out more about my services, my philosophy, and my personal journey through midlife by having a look at my website: 
If you would like to discover more by way of a complimentary chat, please do get in touch: 07788 743 738 or
“I have no hesitation in recommending Barbara Ann to anybody looking to restore their sense of wellbeing and their ability to cope with the challenges that life might throw at them. I have come across the term ‘person-centred focus’ before but I genuinely feel that Barbara Ann’s entire ethos and approach to her client’s needs epitomises that concept.”  
“The massage was lovely for my skin and I left feeling relaxed and uplifted, rather than pummelled, which was just what I needed at the end of a stressful day. I’d recommend a treatment with Barbara Ann to anyone who feels frazzled and wants to kick back, unwind and feel cosseted for a while.”  
"Barbara Ann took time to listen and understand me, making me feel comfortable enough to open up. She has a range of skills through training and experience that gave me confidence in her as a professional. I really enjoyed her sessions, involving touch and oils, making me relax and understand the importance of investing in myself at this stage in my life." 
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