Katy Oatridge 

Neurodevelopmental Practitioner, Key Clinic 

MChem (Oxon) and PGCE (Secondary Science) from the University of Oxford; INPP; Johansen Auditory training 
After studying a Chemistry (MChem) degree and then a PGCE at Keble College, Oxford University, Katy taught for 13 years in an independent school, Hymers College, in Hull. Whilst at the school, Katy came upon Reflex Integration Exercises with individuals at the school who were struggling either with known learning difficulties, or with issues such as balance, coordination, attention, and underachievement for unknown reasons. She became intrigued and was keen to learn more. 
Following a move to the Cotswolds and a career break for the birth of their three children, Katy became a fully trained Neurodevelopmental Practitioner at the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology. Katy also completed further qualifications in Auditory Integration Training. 
"I believe these important interventions can be very successful at removing barriers to learning. I want to see children be able to engage in their education and to move forward, rather than be held back by neurodevelopmental or auditory issues that can be remedied with the correct interventions." 
Katy lives in Shipton-under-Wychwood (OX7 6BQ), just a ten-minute drive from Burford and Chipping Norton in West Oxfordshire. 
11/5/23 - Feedback from parent of 11 year old boy who struggled with coordination, loud noises and social interaction: 
It has been SO encouraging to see G’s coordination and balance improve over the course of this last year. He has been able to do things that we never thought he would manage! Also great to have Katy on the end of the phone (or email) if we needed her advice about how the exercises were going. She was always available to answer any questions we had. I’m only sorry we didn’t hear about Reflex Reset earlier and couldn’t have worked through this programme with our boy sooner. 
23/5/23 - Feedback from parent of 8 year old girl for Johansen programme: 
It has been remarkable to see the impact that doing the Johansen programme with Katy has had on my daughter. E has gone from not being able to concentrate on anything if there was any background noise/music whatsoever, to being able to read happily whilst people are chatting around her, and she can enjoy listening to music whilst doing her schoolwork and still concentrate well. It has been such a help to her and a really joy to see how much easier it has made things for her, and a joy for me to not have to repeat myself so many times!  
I also really appreciated how tangible the results were, I was able to see straight away on the audiogram how much the programme was affecting E’s auditory processing that Katy would mark out each time we visited. I’m really pleased that we decided to use this programme and Katy made the whole experience very relaxed and straightforward. 
Precision-therapies which help children and adults thrive by targeting the root causes of difficulties. 
The Key Clinic specialises in unlocking people's potential and transforming their lives by optimising their mental and physical health. We provide Doctor-led therapies designed to target the root-cause of health difficulties eg. ADHD, Dyslexia, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional regulation, Autism spectrum disorders, Burnout and more. We want children & adults to thrive today. 
An Introduction To Our Different Therapeutic Approaches 
At The Key Clinic, we know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to turning things around for people. This is why we have developed a range of different interventions and therapeutic approaches designed to unlock potential. 
1. BrightBeatz™ 
A clear link has been shown between certain behavioural and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety and distortions of the hearing pattern. 
BrightBeatzTM, our breakthrough form of Auditory Integration Training, uses especially ‘modulated’ music to help retrain the ears to hear in a more balanced way, by improving the functioning of the ear’s muscles and reflexes. The programme takes place over 10 days (two 30 minute sessions a day, at home) and improvements in behaviour and the ability to process sound are often seen during and immediately after the course. 
2. NeuroMature™ 
The retention of primitive reflexes can make many everyday tasks, such as reading and writing extremely challenging and can also increase our anxiety. For adults and children who still have these ‘immaturities’ in the system, nothing comes easily or naturally and they have to work extremely hard to try to compensate for these difficulties. 
The NeuroMatureTM programme takes you through the highly effective Neurodevelopmental Exercises to inhibit retained primitive reflexes, helping improve eye tracking, balance, coordination, self-confidence and emotional resilience. 
3. Key Biomed 
Our Biomedical interventions optimise mental and physical health, by targeting the root causes of symptoms, without using medications. We have a team of Functional Medicine Practitioners and Nutritionists overseen by Medical Doctors, who are on hand to be able to help when there is a suspected underlying biochemical imbalance contributing to symptoms. 
The Key Clinic’s work in this area is groundbreaking, based on The Walsh Institute’s ‘Nutrient Therapy’. It is a way of rebalancing the underlying biochemical imbalances which alter neurotransmitter levels, using highly targeted supplements, rather than medications. 
Where patients are already taking prescribed medications, we do not recommend coming off these except under your doctor’s supervision. We are able to work alongside this giving the body what the brain needs to be able to rebalance itself in future. 
We look forward to speaking to you soon to begin the process of unlocking your full potential at The Key Clinic. 

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