Sue Frewin 

My name is Sue Frewin and I am a Bowen Therapist working in the Cotswolds. I have an equestrian background which began as a child then working professionally with horses and instructing for +25 years. Postural alignment, core stability and suppleness for this sport, triggered my passion for understanding the best way to remain balanced and aligned. 
Through various falls and injuries, I sought alternative therapies to relieve pain and continue doing the sport I loved. This is where I discovered Bowen Therapy and the wonderful effects this treatment has on the body, both physically and emotionally. 
In my spare time I love doing long hilly walks with my partner James and my spaniel ‘Poppy’. I am also training to be a Yoga instructor, as I am fascinated by the benefits of yoga on the mind, body and soul, plus I am training to be a corrective exercise and movement coach, as I aim to help as many people as possible feel better in their bodies. 
"I’m a keen golfer, 50 years old. After just 3 Bowen sessions with Sue, over 3 weeks, I won 3 golf competitions in one week. Feeling a level of awareness, control and stability in my hips, pelvis and shoulders that I haven’t felt since my teenage years. I feel like the Bowen treatment has released years of tension/imbalance in my back and hips, so that I can now engage my core effectively. I can sit cross legged in lotus pose, with considerably more ease. Life changing." 
- Shane 
"I suffered from daily pounding headaches and migraines which was really affecting my quality of life. I was recommended to see Sue at BOWEN Therapy and after 2 treatments my headaches stopped! I can't recommend Sue enough; it's been life changing. I have maintenance treatments which keeps me feeling great." 
- Harriet Fowler 
"Having spent years of trying varying techniques to ease my upper back, shoulders and neck tension I had just come to accept that's how it was going to be. Then there was Sue and Bowen Therapy - just one session with Sue and I immediately felt the difference in my shoulders - they were no longer hunched up round my ears & just 24hrs later the dull ache from my upper back has gone! I couldn't recommend Sue & Bowen Therapy more - its literally life changing!" 
- Sonya Cullingham 
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