Nicola Boulton, Employee and Reiki Healer Practitioner at Breakspeare Clinic. 
I recently developed a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). 
The pain and stiffness in my shoulder joint was making some daily activities difficult or impossible - brushing my hair, hanging the washing out, putting my coat on, etc. 
A Frozen shoulder can be really tricky to treat and symptoms can last many months, sometimes years. I self-referred for some acupuncture at Breakspeare Clinic, desperate to alleviate some of the pain and reduce the impact it was having on my ability to sleep. 
I had my first session with Kate with one goal “Please can I get enough pain relief to afford me some more sleep!” 
Immediately after my session I felt more freedom in my shoulder joint. The pain was still obvious, but it had certainly dampened down. The most incredible bit was yet to come because that night, for the first time in many weeks, I managed to get a decent amount of sleep without being woken hourly in throbbing pain. 
Frozen shoulder may still have doctors baffled on what causes it to happen to some people, but what is now apparent, is that it doesn’t have to be a sentence of agony and discomfort. Clearly there is help and support out there for these debilitating and painful conditions. 
Kate Roberts Acupuncturist BSC(Hons) LicAc MBAcC DipPaed 
Practitioner at Breakspeare Clinic, Milton-under-Wychwood. 
As a traditional acupuncturist I look at the whole person when treating any condition including frozen shoulder. I am interested in factors such as the sensation of the pain (e.g. dull, hot, cold, stabbing), time of day the pain feels better or worse (e.g. morning, nighttime, evening), whether the pain comes and goes, what makes it better or worse (e.g. heat, cold, movement, rest) and when the pain started. I take a full case history which includes other aspects that may not seem related to the condition such as diet and stress. I also take a patient’s pulse and look at their tongue to give a further insight to aid my treatment planning. Based on the case history I am looking to address the root cause of the pain being experienced. 
By considering the whole person I aim to help painful conditions like a frozen shoulder and any disturbed sleep! Acupuncture needles are incredibly fine and are not painful when inserted. Traditional acupuncturists are also trained to use Chinese medicine techniques such as moxibustion (a warming herb) and tuina (a massage technique). Treatment is adapted over the course of several weeks. Many people find acupuncture supports their whole wellbeing and choose to make regular appointments. 

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