Are you suffering from a sports injury? 

Sprained or strained your knee from football or rugby? 
Shoulder pain from playing tennis at the weekend? 
Back hurting from playing golf? 
Fall off your horse or your bike when you were out riding? 
Check out our pages on Sports Injuries and how we can help... 

What are the most common sports injuries people seek medical help for? 

The most common sports injuries that people seek help for include: 
Sprains: This occurs when a ligament (the tissue that connects bones to each other) is stretched or torn, often due to sudden movements or impact, e.g.- twisting or turning your ankle over when you are running or playing tennis. 
Strains: These are injuries to muscles or tendons (the tissues that connect muscles to bones), often caused by overstretching or overuse, e.g.- hamstring pulls. 
Fractures: Broken bones are prevalent in sports, particularly in high-impact activities or contact sports, e.g.- football, rugby, falls off horses or bikes. 
Dislocations: Joints can be forced out of their normal position, causing intense pain and requiring medical intervention to relocate the joint, e.g.- as result of a fall from a horse or bike. 
Tendonitis: Inflammation of tendons due to overuse or repetitive motion, commonly seen in sports that involve repetitive movements like running or tennis. 
Concussions: Head injuries resulting from a blow or jolt to the head, often seen in contact sports like football, rugby or boxing. 
Contusions: Also known as bruises, these occur when small blood vessels beneath the skin are damaged due to impact or trauma. 
Knee injuries: Such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, meniscus tears, or patellar tendon injuries, which are common in sports that involve jumping, contact sports, e.g.- football, rugby, or after sudden changes in direction when skiing. 
Shoulder injuries: Including rotator cuff tears, dislocations, or strains, often seen in sports that involve overhead motions like swimming, tennis, badminton or golf. 
Stress fractures: Small cracks in bones due to repetitive stress or overuse, often seen in runners or athletes who engage in high-impact activities. 
It's important for sports performers to seek medical help promptly for any injury to ensure proper diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation to prevent long-term complications and speed up a safe return to sports activity. 
If you need help, reach out to us by calling 01993 830 913 or book online using this link: Book An Appointment Online | Breakspeare Clinic | Chipping Norton. 

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