In the fast-paced world of running a therapy business, where the focus is often on others, Paul is shedding light on the importance of self-care and its transformative impact on well-being. Taking a holistic approach, Paul shares a personal wellness journey that encompasses diet, sleep, exercise, and supplements, providing a roadmap for a balanced and rejuvenated life. 
Starting with a dietary overhaul, Paul joined the Zoe nutritional programme, reducing processed foods and sugars while embracing a plant-based diet rich in natural foods. The result? Increased energy levels, diminished food cravings, and stabilized blood sugar levels. The Zoe study comes highly recommended for those seeking a transformative change in their diet and overall health. 
Recognizing the pivotal role of sleep, Paul recognizes the ongoing effort to establish a consistent sleep routine. Strategies include setting an evening alarm to signal bedtime, reducing screen time before sleep, and optimizing the bedroom environment with lower temperatures, blackout blinds, and an eye mask. 
Exercise plays a vital role in Paul's well-rounded routine. From daily steps accrued during clinic hours to morning exercises that mobilize the body, he also incorporates cycling and Pilates into weekends. Emphasizing the need for strength training as part of the aging process, Paul actively joins in circuit training; he coaches and encourages clients to explore diverse exercise regimes. 
Supplements are another cornerstone of Paul's self-care. A daily multivitamin, magnesium for muscle health, and vitamin C to combat the stresses of daily life all contribute to a resilient and functioning body. 
Paul’s commitment to personal well-being extends beyond individual practices, as he actively shares experiences and insights with clients. Encouraging a holistic approach to health, he exemplifies the power of self-care not only in fostering personal resilience but also in empowering others on their own wellness journeys. 
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