Evidence, Insights, and a Reiki Master Perspective, by Nicola Boulton 

Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive healing art that originated in Japan. 
It can be used to treat a vast array of conditions and works on all levels: physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual. 
Having very few contraindications, it is a therapy that can help many people and it can work effectively alongside conventional medicine. 
Reiki is wonderfully transformative. It can help support people through various stages of their life including decision making processes. The remarkable thing is that Reiki carries on working for you long after you leave the treatment room. 
Research from 2017 observed many possible psychological benefits could be attributed to Reiki’s effects on the parasympathetic nervous system including: 
Reducing anxiety 
Improving symptoms of depression 
Changes in self-esteem 
Improving mood 
Regulation of emotions 
Increase in positive emotions. 
In 2021, a systematic review concluded that Reiki is an effective therapy for anxiety, depression, and stress. You can read the full article here. 

My Reiki Journey 

My own experience with Reiki began in 2006 when I received my Shoden (Reiki first degree) attunements and later that year my Okuden (Reiki second degree) attunements. In 2013 I received my Shinpiden Master attunement under the Usui lineage of Reiki. 
I now help people with a variety of issues including stress, work overload, anxiety, moderate depression, sleep issues, perimenopause, “Burnout Syndrome”, exam stress and nervousness, grief, and bereavement and for many other reasons. 
I personally use Reiki every day. It creates a sense of calm and balance which is important in a world that is so often full of challenges. 
You can find out more about me and Reiki here and, if you would like to embrace Reiki Healing in your world, please get in touch
- Nicola. 
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