Musculoskeletal pain and discomfort can arise for all sorts of reasons and back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, or other musculoskeletal injuries can be helped with osteopathy treatments. 

How does Osteopathy work? 

Often the focus is on the spine, joints, muscles, and soft tissues and osteopaths take a holistic approach to healthcare, assessing the interconnectedness of the body's structure and function, applying various manual techniques such as manipulation, stretching, and massage of the musculoskeletal system, to bring the body’s structure back into balance, to heal itself and thus improve overall health and wellbeing. 

Is Osteopathy a one-time treatment or a treatment plan to get better over time? 

The type and frequency of treatments depends on various factors. It can be influenced by preferences and personal health goals, address minor or significant concerns and discomfort, or perhaps help specific issues, when it could be an occasional treatment. 
Acute Conditions: Acute musculoskeletal issues, such as back pain or a sports injury, may require more frequent treatments, often weekly or bi-weekly, until their condition improves. Once improvement is seen, the frequency of visits may decrease and perhaps move into maintenance intervals of several weeks. 
Chronic Conditions: Chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis or ongoing pain management needs may require treatment sessions to be spread out but still regular, such as once a month or as needed for symptom management. 
Maintenance & Preventive Care: Preventive care osteopathic treatments are aimed at maintaining musculoskeletal health and might be scheduled every few months or even annually. 
A Holistic Approach: As a holistic therapy, lifestyle factors are considered and by understanding a person’s unique health situation and goals, treatments and frequency of treatments will be tailored for the optimum outcomes. 
Find out more about our Osteopathist Toby Gwyn-Williams at The Breakspeare Clinic here. 
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